Advanced Product Design

Carburetor Rebuild



*Please print and fill out Conversion Spec Sheet then ship with carburetor

APD Drag Race Carburetors are one of drag racing's most popular carburetors.  APD will rebild your existing APD gas or alcohol 4150 or 4500 Series Carbs. 

Service extended to customers with APD Manufactured Carburetors only.

Pro Series Conversions Include

  • Disassemble and Inspection
  • Clean and Strip all Parts
  • Dichromate all appropriate parts
  • Refurbish Main Body
  • Install new High Flow Needle and Seats
  • Install new Large Head Idle Mixture Screws
  • Rebuild Bas Plate Assembly
  • Premium Reusable Gaskets are used on all rebuilds
Additional Charges will apply if additional work is necessary or upgrades are requested over and above the listed items.

*Return Shipping Carges will apply to all rebuilds